Case study – Wholesale Distribution

Importer & Wholesale Distributor poised for growth leveraging Netsuite ERP

Melbourne Building Supplies

MBS had a need for a customer relationship management system with quoting and opportunity tracking capabilities. They also had issues with Warehouse management. This included real time stock on hand, what to order and rekeying data between the warehouse and invoicing. The costing of imported goods was a challenge with exchange rates and customs duties and freight.

They spoke to Cloud Culture about their business and what limitations and constraints they were experiencing. They had enough of using spreadsheets. Cloud Culture suggested Netsuite which includes CRM and ERP capabilities all in the one system.

MBS selected Cloud Culture to implement Netsuite into its business. With Cloud Culture, MBS did a 6 week implementation. The Sales guys now have a connected CRM that lists opportunities by Architect and Builder. Imported products are costed with Landed Costs added to the purchase price. Completed Sales Orders are quickly fulfilled from the Warehouse and inventory balances are always up to date. The business is monitored on Dashboards and have up to date information including amounts owed by our customers.

“We are now very well placed for growth as the capacity of our existing people can now be utilised on customer and sales focused activities. We love the one view of our customers. Cloud Culture has passed their Netsuite knowledge to us and me and my team has taken to it quickly. We look forward to seeing where Netsuite takes us in the next 5 years” says Daniel Wearne, Sales Director at MBS.

“I can monitor activities important to me from anywhere in the world on my Dashboard” says Paul Wearne, Managing Director of MBS. We have signed on for an Operational Excellence Package with Cloud Culture that gives us access to the Financial and Operational expertise of their Netsuite consultants without worrying about billable time and the clock. We see Cloud Culture as a genuine partner in our journey moving forward

About Melbourne Building Supplies:

Melbourne Building Supplies is dedicated to offering quality products for all projects, big and small. They place a high value on innovation, which means they are always on the lookout for new materials, technologies and concepts, helping them to provide new and better solutions for Melbourne’s building and construction industry.

Melbourne Building Supplies is locally owned and operated, and have an extensive network of trusted manufacturers built up over a long period of time, enabling them to provide the most durable and high-tech products at the most competitive prices. From the smallest fastener to the most complex framing system, Melbourne Building Supplies can source the right product at the right price.

About Cloud Culture:

Cloud Culture are eCommerce and ERP solution providers to SMEs across Australia. With expertise in food & beverage, agribusiness, manufacturing and wholesale distribution, they are well placed to support SME’s in these verticals transform their business to the cloud. Most of the team have previously been on the client side of solutions like Magento, BigCommerce, Xero and Netsuite, so they are very well placed to bring valuable insight and significant experience to SME’s looking to implement cloud solutions within their business.